Connecting Flights


What is a connecting flight?

A connecting flight is a flight that requires you to change from one plane to another at an intermediate airport (connection point).
For a smooth connection between flights, it is important to give yourself enough time between the arrival of your first flight and the departure of your next flight.

What is the minimum/maximum time allowed for a connecting flight?

A minimum of 150 minutes is required to make a connecting flight. Please ensure you are at the gate for your onward journey at least 20 minutes before your connecting flight departs.
The maximum time allowed for a connecting flight is 6 hours.

 Can I change my connecting flights?

Yes, however you cannot change your flights on our website, you will need to contact our Contact Centre to make changes.
Flight changes can only be made to the entire journey. One flight change fee will apply per journey (outbound or inbound journey) and you must pay for any price difference between your existing flight and the flight you are changing to.
Please note that flights purchased as part of our Connecting Flight service are booked under one reservation number and cannot be split.


If I do not take the first flight sector of my journey, can I still take the second sector?

Yes, if for whatever reason you do not travel on your first flight sector, you will still be able to travel on the second flight. Likewise, if you do not travel on your outbound flights, you will still be able to travel on your return flights.

Flight Disruptions

If you've booked a connecting flight with us (one reservation number) and you miss your connection because your first flight is cancelled or delayed, we'll make sure you're transferred to our next available flight to your final destination. Alternatively, you may be entitled to a flight back to your original destination and to a refund. Click here for the text setting out your rights under Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004.

Checked Bags

Checked baggage fees will be charged per sector of each journey. Ryanair will be able to transfer your baggage to your final destination at Fiumicino, Milan Bergamo and Porto airports only.
In the event of disruptions leading to your flight being diverted to another airport, or where you are being re-routed via a different airport, Ryanair will be unable to transfer your baggage. As a result, you will need to collect your baggage at the intermediate airport and re-check-in at the check-in desk.

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